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Discover the power of Alchymie – learn from leading experts in the field of the Healing Arts, Conscious Living and the Environmental Movement – be part of the Esoteric Solution!

The Esoteric School Of Higher Learning is dedicated to supporting the global shift in Consciousness taking place right now. On this website you will find THREE webinar channels dedicated to Spiritual Transformation and Conscious Living, brought to you by the Esoteric School of Higher Learning (ESHL) and Hermes Far Eastern Shining (HFES). Click on each of these to view the latest Videos


Weekly live and recorded webinars and presentations

Channel 1 - Esoteric School Of Higher Learning

This channel is a pre-recorded channel presenting interviews with experts involved in spiritual work, conscious living and renewable technology, from all over the world – psychics, sound healers, laughing yoga, musicians, leaders in alternative energy and much more. An inspirational weekly event.

Channel 2 - Hermes Far Eastern Shining Channel

This is a LIVE event. A Hermes channel discussing the process of Awakening, practices to support your spiritual growth and general Hermes Product education. This channel will also include a Disc Of The Month Club as well as offering occasional discounts on products for subscribers.

Channel 3 - Universal Hermetic Prayer Channel

This is a live event. The continuation of our inaugural worldwide event to help support the process of awakening, spreading the current of Light and Love all over the world! Everyone is invited to join these events, regardless of experience. (This webinar is for paid subscribers only)


Meredith Varley – Laughing Yoga Expert

Meredith’s focus is to help businesses; non-profits; health practices; community, social and volunteer groups improve communication skills, team harmony, creativity and mindfulness. Her style is approachable, informal and humorous.

Universal Hermetic Prayer with Zen Way – Fri Nov 10 

Feel the Worldwide Unity Current!
Available for Conscious Light subscribers

FIRST EVER live webinar for the Hermes Far Eastern Shining channel

Just added the recording of our FIRST EVER live webinar for the Hermes Far Eastern Shining channel. Mobius Barnaby takes us through the spirituality, practise and artefacts of Alchymie.
Available for Conscious Light subscribers


Our Conscious Light subscription provides access to all videos on all channels including regular registration links to attend our LIVE webinars.

Conscious Light

A $20 per week subscription providing access to all channels on demand!

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