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The Esoteric School Of Higher Learning is dedicated to supporting the global shift in Consciousness taking place right now. On this website you will find video and live webinar recordings dedicated to Spiritual Transformation and Conscious Living, brought to you by the Esoteric School of Higher Learning (ESHL) and Hermes Far Eastern Shining (HFES).


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This channel presents interviews with experts involved in spiritual work, conscious living and renewable technology from all over the world – psychics, sound healers, laughing yoga experts, inspired artists, leaders in alternative energy and much more.

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Hermes Far Eastern Shining Channel

 Presenting two live webinars a week on the use of Alchymeic Artifacts based on the Gnostic Science of Hermes Trismegistus along with discussion of affiliated spiritual practices. It is with the support of these Artifacts that we inspire individuals to grow beyond their present levels of limitation, inviting the process of Real Transformation. 

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USA Universal Hermetic Prayer

with Zen (12 Jan 18)

In our Universal Hermetic Prayer this week we worked a powerful worldwide prayer to raise global consciousness.

Continuing in the current of the New Year heart, people also set intentions for themselves and humanity at large to awaken to heart intelligence beyond borders, politics and separation.

To assist in grounding the intentions participants received the energies of the Heart of Space and the new Archangel Selaphiel.

Energies Used: Quantum Vacuum, Don’t Fence Me In, No Law For Negativity, Angel Realms, Saturn Bubbler, QE Bubbler, Travelling Bubbler, Fractaliser, Archangel Selaphiel.

Universal Hermetic Prayer – Aus & UK

with Zen (11 Jan 18)

To begin the New Year we returned to the worldwide invocation of all the Heart of Space artefacts around the world, calling on these energies to ground the current of light into the earth plane.

We visualised the world and went around the continents also calling upon the Angelic Realms to assist in the prayer.

A blessing for the year ahead for humanity and the environment.

Energies Used: Maha, Fractal Earth, Nuclear Tracker, Touching Light, Angel Realms, Heart Of Space Energies, Archangel Selaphiel.

The Hermes Alchymie Webinar
with Zen (10 Jan 18)

2018 saw the release of many new Alchymeic Energies. In this webinar we experienced the new wand energies; Archangel Barachiel, Archangel Jegudiel, Archangel Selaphiel and Saint Germain. The energies were amazing!! We ended with the exquisite current of the Éternal Love’ Octahedron. If you want to keep up to speed with new energies then you need to watch this webinar!

Discussing his new book ‘Deep Peace Beyond Suffering’

Timeless Teachings, Healing the Heart, Transforming Consciousness

Deep Peace Beyond Suffering is an Invitation into the Sanctuary of Consciousness, where Love and Freedom give birth to a foundation of Peace.The message and alchemy in this book is about going beyond suffering, by going through the journey of living, as it is, as life is deeming it to be, as you are choosing to identify with it.


“The Passion of Life is my Love.
The Sweetness of Love is my Life.
The Sublimity of Peace is my Home.”
~ Shivallah Dharma ~


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