Presenting two live webinars a week on the use of special Alchymeic Artifacts based on the Gnostic Science of Hermes Trismegistus, and discussion of affiliated spiritual practices. With the support of Spiritual Artifacts we inspire individuals to grow beyond their present levels of limitation, inviting the process of Real Transformation. 

About the Alchymie

The Alchymie of Hermes Far Eastern Shining is about Heart Awakening; the transmutation of density and the unenlightened disposition, into the Gold of Enlightenment or Heart Intelligence. The origins of Alchymie are ancient and mysterious. The legendary Egyptian philosopher and Alchymist, Hermes Trismegistus… Read more

About Hermes

Hermes Far Eastern Shining is an Australian Company that produces Alchymeic Artifacts based on the Gnostic Science of Hermes Trismegistus. It is with the support of these Artifacts that we inspire individuals to grow beyond their present levels of limitation, inviting the process of Real Transformation. The Alchymie of true transformation is a literal process that beings intuitively desire at the heart, yearning for what is truly Great…. Read more

About the Products

The Alchymeic Products of Hermes Far Eastern Shining exist to support and facilitate the transformation and evolutionary shift in mankind at this time. They function purely at an ‘Energetic’ level, effecting the auric field, the Chakra and Nadis and help to release the blocks and limitations we encounter on a daily basis. Read more…

The Heart of Space?

A Heart of Space Centre is essentially an energetic Sanctuary, created by the placement of three specific Alchymeically imbued Artifacts – the Saturn Bubbler, the Travelling Bubbler and the Fractaliser. Based upon sacred geometry, these esoteric products when combined in a particular formation, actualise the grounding of what is known as a ‘volumetric current’. Read more…

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Free Hermes Alchemy Videos

Enjoy our selection of free introductory videos, demonstrating some key features of the Alchymie of Hermes Far Eastern Shining

Blog Posts

From Artefacts to Webinars – Our Transformation Story

Hermes Artefacts Around the World Hermes' raison d'etre is to create and spread its Alchymeic touch worldwide using artifacts of pure, living consciousness. It is our obligation to make this accessible to all. We have installed artifacts far and wide, throughout the...

This Wednesday Webinar!

This Wednesday on our 'Hermes Webinar', we focus on and discover what it is to awaken and allow the growth of 'Higher Mind'. Everyone has the capacity to utilise their extrasensory abilities. In fact, these functions are as much a part of our form as an...

We Appear Here As Energy and Feeling

We appear here as energy and feeling and with apparent time on our hands. So to serve is to yield up our energy and time and grant these to other apparent beings in service to them. 'Ego' would love to claim all our time and energy for ourselves and not...


In our involvement with this earthly vision we are presented with multi-dimensions that are accessed through transitional phases. The difficulty with these transitional phases is that we are seriously transformed and perhaps overwhelmed into forgetfulness of what...

Thanks Michael

A big thank you to Michael Cormick for allowing us to interview him recently for our Esoteric School Of Higher Learning Channel. Michael is a very interesting character - an exuberant, dynamic and interesting person to interview. And a profoundly talented...

Golden Manifestation – Weekly Alchymie Channel Update

Thank you to all who joined this week's Hermes Far Eastern Shining Channel Webinar - Golden Manifestation. It is always exhilarating doing our Alchymie work in groups like this. And to engage the special Abundance Energies for Manifestation is...

Ignition Of The Universal Hermetic Prayer

A big thank you to all worldwide who participated on our WHAM (Worldwide Hermetic Alchymie Moment). It was an extraordinary event! Thank you particularly to all those who stayed up in countries where it was late, or got up early in other parts...

Welcome To Our New Website

Welcome to our new Esoteric School Of Higher Learning Website. The Esoteric School Of Higher Learning is dedicated to supporting the global shift in Consciousness taking place right now. On this website you will find THREE webinar channels dedicated to Spiritual...

Join Our Weekly Webinars

Hermes Alchymie webinars

The Hermes Alchymie webinars discuss the process of Awakening, practices to support your spiritual growth and general Hermes Product education. Through these webinars there is a Disc Of The Month Club and Practice, and discounts on artifacts for subscribers.

Universal Hermetic Prayer webinars

The Universal Hermetic Prayers help support the process of awakening, spreading the current of Light and Love all over the world! Everyone is invited to join these events, regardless of experience.

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