Presenting interviews with experts involved in spiritual work, conscious living and renewable technology, from all over the world – psychics, sound healers, laughing yoga, musicians, leaders in alternative energy and much more. An inspirational weekly event.


Discussing his new book ‘Deep Peace Beyond Suffering’
Timeless Teachings, Healing the Heart, Transforming Consciousness

Deep Peace Beyond Suffering is an Invitation into the Sanctuary of Consciousness, where Love and Freedom give birth to a foundation of Peace.The message and alchemy in this book is about going beyond suffering, by going through the journey of living, as it is, as life is deeming it to be, as you are choosing to identify with it.
“to see the pearl arising from the depths, to see the lotus opening up out of the mud, to see the base metal turning into gold through the intensity of the heat of living.”


Shivallah Dharma inspires Consciousness Awakening through events such as:
The Power of Presence, Stillness of Being, Intelligence of the Heart, Alchemy of Intimacy, Sublimity of Peace, Nectar of Wholeness, Awareness Awakening, Rawness of Truth, Timeless Transcendence, The Pathless Path of Enlovenment

Beyond cultural conditioning, beyond conceptual mind,
haunted by the clarion call of our inmost reality,
the heart longs to be satiated by the diamond light of divinity.
Blissfully poised within the stillness and silence of pure presence,
a timeless space reveals to our humanness its original face,
unabashedly declaring:
“The Passion of Life is my Love.
The Sweetness of Love is my Life.
The Sublimity of Peace is my Home.”

~ Shivallah Dharma ~

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Anthony Hill from Plastic Pollution Solutions talks about change, the environment and a shift in consciousness.

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Interview with Barbara the Illustrator

… dots, lines, squiggles and goddesses

Renowned artist and all round creative Barbara the Illustrator talks to us about her new book – ‘KINDess: Single Eye of the Heart’. 

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Meredith Yardley – Laughing Yoga Expert

Meredith’s focus is to help businesses, non-profits, health practices, communities, social and volunteer groups to improve communication skills, team harmony, creativity and mindfulness. Her style is approachable, informal and … hilarious!
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Michael Cormick from The Sound of the Soul workshops

Michael’s work focuses on releasing sound from within ourselves. Rather than passively receiving sound healing we learn to create and release energy ourselves.
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Carmel Glenane from Atlantis-Rising 

Integrating and Earthing The Divine Feminine and The Divine Masculine through The Atlantean and Ancient Egyptian Mystery School Traditions.
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Sunami Sun Designer from Hermes Asia

Alchymie for Spiritual Transformation & Heart Awakening.

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