Introducing the philosophical ideas – conductivity, reaction, cooperation & self transcendence, etc; Spiritual practice – puja, meditations, breath control and yoga, etc; Esoteric artefacts – wands, discs, stargate boxes, etc; of Hermes Far Eastern Shining.

Our Latest Webinar Recording

The Energy Houses – with Mobius

This week Mobius takes us through The Energy Houses РHermetic Artefacts perfect for your home, personal clearing, and small energy groups. 

Our FIRST EVER live webinar for the Hermes Far Eastern Shining channel!

Mobius Barnaby takes us through the spirituality, practise and artefacts of Alchymie.

Early Webinar Recordings

The following videos are recordings from the Universal Hermetic Prayer live webinars that specifically focused on Hermes Far Eastern Shining Spiritual Practices Artefacts.

Archangels & Realms 3 – with Mobius
Prayer & Energy Work

Archangels & Realms 2 – with Mobius
Prayer & Energy Work using the Archangels & Realms wands

Archangels & Realms 1 – with Mobius
Prayer and energy work using the Archangels & Realms wands

The Bright Room – with Zen Way
Setting up the Bright Room energy house

An Introduction To Alchymie
Presented by Zen, Sunami, Omni & Slip

Learning the Qualitative Evolution Bubbler Exercise
with Zen, Omni & Slip

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