Immerse yourself in deep Alchymie through our LIVE Universal Hermetic Prayers. On this page you will find all recordings of our live webinars from the USA, Australia and Worldwide events for you to participate in and feel the unity current and divine mystery.

Our latest USA Universal Hermetic Prayer
with Mobius (17 Nov 17)

Our FIRST EVER Australian Universal Hermetic Prayer
with Zen Way (16 Nov 17)

In this Universal Hermetic Prayer Australia also linked up with participants from the UK and Ireland.
As we held the Prayer the ocean currents could be felt and seen as a key, linking and touching all continents of this “blue planet”. A special focus was brought to the oceans, and similarly the plant-life on the continents; the Amazon and it’s gift of oxygen; touching and blessing all forms of life including plant and animal.
The prayer ended with an extended exercise of returning the current of universal energy to all the chakra energy centres of the body, grounding the energy through each person’s form.

The US Universal Hermetic Prayer
with Zen Way (10 Nov 17)

In this webinar Zen uses the Introductory clearing energies and Angelic Realms on the stargate. Calling forward the presence of the Houses, Travelling Bubbler, Fractaliser and large Bubblers. Particularly focused on the USA, feeling the purification of all that has been hidden coming to the surface to be seen and dealt with. Held the prayer for the stabilising of the Divine Current in the USA, feeling the diamond of the Fractaliser lifting consciousness and clearing all arising. Once this current felt grounded we continued across the continents of the world.

Weekly Universal Hermetic Prayer
with Mobius Barnaby (3 Nov 17)

In this live webinar Mobius uses:
The Fractaliser
The Heart of Love House
Threshold pack

Weekly Universal Hermetic Prayer
with Zen Way (27 Oct 17)

The Worldwide Hermetic Alchymie Moment
with Mobius, Zen & Sunami (20 Oct 17)

In Service to the World
with Mobius (22 Sept 17)

Personal Transformation
with Zen Way (15 Sept 17)

Weekly Energy Work Webinar
with Mobius (8 Sept 17)

USA Webinar
with Zen Way (1 Sept 17)

Personal Transformation 1
with Zen Way (18 Aug 17)

August Hermetic Year
with Zen Way (4 Aug 17)

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