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With three channels offering a video a week each, there is always something to learn, engage and contemplate here at The Esoteric Fellowship of Higher Learning. To become a weekly participant, view our subscription deals below.

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Regular emails containing the registration links for three LIVE interactive webinars every week:

  • The US Universal Hermetic Prayers
  • The Australian Universal Hermetic Prayer
  • The Hermes Alchymie webinar

Note: each live webinar has a unique registration link that you must receive to be able to attend.

Full access to all videos on all channels to watch on demand.

  • All previous recordings of the Universal Hermetic Prayers (Aus & US versions) and the Hermes Alchymie webinars.
  • All Esoteric School of Higher Learning videos.

A weekly newsletter – containing information about our disc of the month activities, webinars, new Hermes artefacts and more.

Invitations – to special events, workshops and courses.


  • Free Elan Vital disc (the new Radiant Conscious Light version – allow 2 weeks for delivery)
  • Free Elan Vital ebook
  • Daily quote from Jessa and Showme (starts Dec 1)
  • Monthly Esoteric Astrology report
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